Puerto Rico Cultural Parade of Florida
Puerto Rico Cultural Parade of Florida

Puerto Rico Cultural Parade of Florida
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Puerto Rico Cultural Parade of Florida
Statistics demonstrate that the Hispanic market represents over $6.5 billion dollars in buying in Central Florida alone and they enjoy a household income of over $54,000.

Puerto Rico Cultural Parade of Tampa, Florida
We present a Folklore Festival with musical groups and performers coming from Puerto Rico, New York, Orlando, other States and local talent. We present the most indigenous of the Puerto Rican folklore music and dances, including Vejigantes, Sanqueros, and Cabezudos (characters dressed up in colorful dresses, big masks and others walking on stilts. It is a spectacular cultural and educational event targeted to adults and children of all ages.

Puerto Rican Parade of South Florida Website coming Soon!
To promote cultural awareness and diversity for mainland Puerto Ricans, through organizing the parade and other special events that highlights the folkloric and cultural traditions of the island of Puerto Rico and other Caribbean regions.

El Festival Puertorriqueño de NJ
For over 37 years, the Festival Puertorriqueño de N.J., Inc. has been offering services to our community through activities and acts that dignify our race. We exalt our cultural values, our heritage, race and language, which are part of one Hispanic-American continent for the well being of all human beings.

Puerto Rican Festival of Rochester, NY
The Puerto Rican Festival Incorporated sponsors a variety of events, which serve to share and celebrate Puerto Rican culture. The largest event is the Puerto Rican Festival (34 annual editions to date have been organized), the longest running cultural festival in the County of Monroe. The festival is an annual three-day event, which averages a daily attendance of 7,000 people of all cultures and ethnic backgrounds.

Puerto Rican Parade of Aurora, IL
Our purpose is to direct, organize, and promote all activities concerning the Puerto Rican Parade in Aurora. Cultural and ethnic participation of the Puerto Rican Community and awareness of our Puerto Rican Heritage and Culture to our younger generation is a main goal of our organization.

Puerto Rican Parade of Western New York
To promote and celebrate our Puerto Rican traditions by planning events that will enrich our culture, and maintain its viability. To educate our youth today for future generations by faithfully engaging in the preservation of our heritage.

Promover y celebrar las tradiciones Puertorriqueña a trávez de la planificación de eventos que enriquecerán nuestra cultura. Educando a nuestros jóvenes hoy para las generaciones del mañana, fielmente dedicados a la preservación de nuestra herencia.

Puerto Rican Festival of Philadelphia
This year’s Festival theme: “Latino Unity: Pride in Our Diversity and Common Heritage,” promotes awareness and understanding of regional, cultural, political, and social, distinctions. And highlights the gifts of a mutual language, shared traditions, collective origins, and common history bequeathed to all Latinos. The Festival leadership will encourage and facilitate the constructive dialogue and networking opportunities between leaders of all communities.

Puerto Rican Parade of Fairfield County- Bridgeport, Conneticut
This Years theme is "Los Pueblos de Puerto Rico" La Isla del Encanto. We have the pleasure to dedicate the 2004 parade to WCUM 1450 AM, Radio Cumbre. Radio Cumbre and its' staff has been a proud sponsor of the parade for many years. They have always said "presente" not only to the parade but, to other organizations. They are also celebrating their 15th anniversary serving the Puerto Rican and Latino community in Bridgeport and Fairfield County. Also they are the only Hispanic owned radio station in Connecticut.

Festival Betances- Boston, Massachusetts
Established in 1973, Villa Victoria’s Betances Festival commemorates the life and achievements of Dr. Ramón Emeterio Betances, a 19th century Puerto Rican patriot, poet, medical doctor, abolitionist, and artist. Organized annually by the residents of Villa Victoria and the Board and Staff of Inquilinos Boricuas en Acción, the festival brings over 5,000 members of the South End community together around food, dance, music and locally made crafts.

El Día de San Juan Festival- California
The Western Region Puerto Rican Council was established to provide regional leadership and advocacy for the Puerto Rican Community within the western region of the United States. As part of the Council goal to promote the culture of Puerto Rico, “El Día de San Juan” Festival (the "Festival") was started in 1978 in the Bay Area and remains part of the area's signature events today.

Fiestas de Loiza in Conneticut
FLECHAS (Fiestas de Loiza en Connecticut en Honor del Apostol Santiago), is a not-for-profit cultural, art educational organization dedicated to preserving and teaching Puerto Rican Culture in Connecticut. The organization strongly believes that cultural expression can serve as a vehicle to foster self-esteem and positive social change among the Puerto Rican population.

Fiesta Boricua- Chicago, IL
The annual Fiesta Boricua celebration showcases the diversity of Puerto Rican musical expression, from plena and bomba to Salsa and merengue, from rock en Español to Latino rap, from the trova to Mapeye.

Fiesta Nacional Del Mangó
El grupo Mayagüezanos de Corazón se formó para iniciar diferentes proyectos de índole cultural, deportivo y cívico en la ciudad de Mayagüez. Este grupo lo integran personas con un genuino interés en ayudar a nuestra ciudad en sobresalir en las diferentes facetas de nuestro diario vivir.

Cultural Sites

Welcome to Old San Juan, Puerto Rico Photographic galleries of the charming balconies and the sights of Old San Juan. Explore this historic district of San Juan, Puerto Rico.


A Monthly Bilingual, Cultural Publication for Puerto Ricans.

Certainly Escape to Puerto Rico presents a complete picture of the beautiful Caribbean island of Puerto Rico. And the search engine will point you where you want to go. Looking for the Bacardi Rum factory? Done. Want to know more about surfing? It's all here.

Art gallery of vivid contemporary original acrylic paintings by Puerto Rican artist Obed Gomez
Artist Obed Gómez

Art gallery of vivid contemporary original acrylic paintings by Puerto Rican artist Obed Gomez

Puerto Rican Antonio Broccoli
Painting, Sculptures,Photos by San Juan Artist Antonio Broccoli Porto. Highlight of Puerto Rican traditional Music.Afro-Caribbean Themes.

Puerto Rican Artist Elizabeth Baez
Born in Brooklyn, New York, of Puerto Rican parents, Elizabeth Baez expresses her love towards her culture through her paintings.

Jibara Educada
Puerto Rican webmaster in Austin,Texas. A site to provide resources and a home away from home for Puerto Ricans, all Latinos, and lovers of all of our diverse cultures. Interactive site with opportunity of public voice.

Las Culturas - learning about and celebrating the various facets of Latino/Hispanic cultures and heritage.

Mi Borinquen
A Puerto Rican website with news, cookbooks, events and news groups about our culture and heritage.

Music of Puerto Rico
An educational resource published by the Music of Puerto Rico Foundation, a non-profit corporation.

A great resource site about the Puerto Rican culture.

Sofrito For Your Soul.com is also a community based website that promotes our cultural heritage.

Puerto Rican Music, Musicians & Dance Groups

La Rondalla de Orlando
El objetivo principal de La Rondalla es promover y preservar la cultura puertorriqueña a través de la música. Cada día el grupo recibe más invitaciones para presentaciones en la Florida Central. La Rondalla se presenta en todo tipo de actividades multiculturales como cívicas, sociales, religiosas y otras.

Hogar del Cuatro Puertorriqueño
A MUST SEE! A remarkable Cultural and Social review of Puerto Rico's National Instrument... the CUATRO guitar.

TamBoricua is Atlanta’s premier Latin Dance band.They have taken the Afro-Puerto Rican rhythms of bomba and plena, along with some salsa, merengue and Latin jazz, to give a show that is guaranteed to make you dance!

A Dance and theater company with their musicians.

Puerto Rican Folkloric Dance & Cultural Center
Music and dance is a very important part of the Puerto Rican culture, the Puerto Rican Folkloric Dance & Cultural Center is very proud to share it with the Austin and world-wide-web community.

BombaBoricua consist of a collection of professional artist who are dedicated full-time to sharing and educating latino communities by helping them gain a stronger sense of cultural identity and pride by providing Bomba dance and percussion classes.

LeLoLai 4 Life Entertainment
Lelolai4 Life Entertainment Presents Loely’s “Canto Porque Soy”. Loely Burgos is a very talented singer from Mayaguez, Puerto Rico. Check out her demo.

Puerto Rican Online Stores

Boricua.com Puerto Rican Store
The Boricua.com Puerto Rico store works hard to bring you “un pedacito de Puerto Rico”. ¡Disfrútalo!

Boricuatv has a complete selection of Puerto Rican music, movies, books, and souvenirs.

Galería Cemí
Galería Cemí On-Line promotes Puerto Rican/Latino culture and heritage. We sell items that we produce and items produced by other artists similarly engaged. We firmly believe that the legacy of our ancestors must be respected and honored. Our designs are inspired by the legacy of or Native American Taino, African and Spanish/European ancestors.

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